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Build a driveway for your home

Discover the types of driveway that you can choose from and how we can help.

Are you looking to build a driveway for your home but you’re unsure of where to start? Driveways are becoming an increasingly popular feature of a home as they come with many such as enhancing the aesthetic and value of the place.

It can be a complex task to tackle without professional help but it can help to follow a detailed DIY guide. You should consider the type of driveway that you are looking for and then assess whether you could handle it on your own.

What types of driveway can you have?


Building a gravel driveway is a popular option as it is great value for money and probably the simplest option to do yourself.

Decorative Aggregate

At Pegasus Grab Hire, we have plenty of recycled and virgin aggregate that is perfect for driveways. If you are looking for an affordable aggregate supplier in the West Midlands, we can help you. We supply to the trade industries as well as keen DIYers that fancy a project themselves. Whether it is sand, aggregate, chippings and more, we have it for you.


Surprisingly, concrete can look good and if done correctly, can be a great driveway at a reasonable cost. At Pegasus Grab Hire, we have a fleet of grab lorries that can batch and mix the amount of concrete on-site, leaving you with the perfect quantity for your project. If you are looking for affordable concrete suppliers in Stourbridge and across the West Midlands, we can help and get your project moving. We understand the pressure of making sure you don’t over-estimate or leave yourself short, so let us mix as you go and you will only pay for what you use.


Laying a tarmac driveway can usually have a quick turnaround but it is not the most visually appealing option. If you are looking for low maintenance, you can consider tarmac.

It is important that you consider all options for your home and choose the right one for you. Not sure what you should do? Get in touch with our grab hire team in Stourbridge and we can discover the best approach.

Alternatively, if you are looking for grab lorry hire in Stourbridge for any domestic or commercial projects, we can work with you.

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